Rob van den DoolFounder and CEO Yumeko

Rob van den Dool studied international law and human rights at the UvA and was one of the inspired founders of War Child Netherlands in 1995; he was a board member there for fifteen years. Van den Dool was also an election observer in Bosnia.

In 2001, his entrepreneurial blood started flowing and he started a cross-media advertising agency. After that he was active for a number of years as a consultant in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Van den Dool believes in a makeable and better world and is one of the Dutch pioneers in the field of social and sustainable entrepreneurship. In 2010, he founded the fast-growing company Yumeko, a social enterprise with which he follows the clean and fair route in making bed linen and bath linen more sustainable.  “Change The World Sleeping – that’s where our dream started in 2010.


Yumeko makes beautiful sustainable and ethical products for the bedroom and bathroom: including bedlinen, duvets, pillows. Yumeko proves that a sustainable product does not have to compromise on comfort and quality. We want to create a movement of Clean Sleepers and be an inspiration for our sector to show that craftsmanship, sustainability; and responsible and sustainable production processes go very well together.

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